Just before the Show begins…

3sisFirst: meet the Glitch sisters (from the right: Rita, Claire and Helen) – actual Legacy characters.

In some way it has been expected – a little changing of plans. Soon I hit the blog with 1st “chapter” but a few words of explanation may be needed before.

I planned to create a 0-generation which partially succeed, but that was too much absorbing in time and effort in fact and leads me away from main characters and story. These “chapters” are not lost however essentially “abandoned” – they will return as a reminiscence, story, and in other similar narrative ways. And if story shall demand to create some “backstory” from childhood or teenage of the sisters, I’ll return to these saves.

For actual changes: I’ve created a characters page with some basic info about them. There’s no info about newborn Mathias obviously, because for now the boy just “exists”. I also added some info to the CC list. And placed my “modified rules” viewable there.

For the story reasons I’ve sent Glitch sisters to the Academy at first. Sims Unis are well-known as kind of “cheaty” addition – because they give you a free skill time (and vacation worlds are in some ways “cheaty” for similar reasons, not mentioning how these can boost family income). For that I didn’t allow any of the character to get any kind of useful skill. Helen becomes skilled in science and logic (her “natural skills”) because her career levels wont be affected by this. Also Rita hits street arts very well (making “vandalizing art” is a part of her nature anyway). On the other side during academy life Claire becomes a bit skilled in handiness and science, she also acquire smoking habit and finally: got pregnant while her last “weeks” at Academy – which was unexpectable-expected 😉 .

Because there is so many Legacy blogs and most of them are “sim daily basis” driven (wake-up, pee, work, romance, sleep, in-between have kids, die and have fun…) I picked up another way of narration. Because main character, who also gave (in-game) birth for the generation heir lately, is a “private eye” – instead of standard “chapters” I’d try to run into “cases”. Which not exactly have to be “criminal cases” – a way similar to some TV shows, where each episode has some “family story” content, but is also driven by leading topic. Well… We shall see how it will work.

And, I also slowly try to create this blog layout less generic in design. Let’s have hope than effect won’t be worse than this “generic one” 😉

The actual story, instead my comments – soon.


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