1.1. Army fiancée

You know. When you’re engaged to a soldier, and your fiancée is ordered to go to some place “nowhere-knows-where-it-is”, you just pack your gear and “Yes sir!”. And you don’t ask. “Because they would have to shoot you” if they’d told you anything. Top secret and all this stuff. So… Don’t complain. You’re happy. “Sir, yes I’m happy sir!”.

c1_introOk. I’m exaggerating a bit, a little more than “a bit”, but – it’s not so bad. And I was happy also. That’s part is true.

c1_panorame1All that top-secret stuff was obviously one of these military nonsenses. You’d think about some remote “nowhere”, where you will be happy to see shitting seagull or walking penguin, because “something happens there!”. Scary indeed. Whereas this “top everything secret and don’t told your mama even neither your toybear” was just an island, just three hundreds miles from the Bridgeport. Five hours by the plane. Even comfortable one if you don’t mind smell of gasoline, and a few Marines and a bad sense of humor of theirs.

They call it “KT-19 Science Research and Patrol Unit” which is mean in the human language: Matkoosee. Please, don’t ask me to spell it. I’ve tried a thousands times and locals still are laughing at me. Yes. They are locals also. A nice community divided between a base and a town and some local “better people”. And seagulls of course (it’s an island after all). But no penguins. No penguins – no fear. You know – they are dangerous, they bites.

I arrived on early, sunny Sunday, or as I’ve read on my papers “I was displaced at the discretion of orders 22 Science Battalion commandant: Lt. Coll Michael Bridge”. So nice, right? When I’ve read this I felt like kind of package. As the second pilot said to me and one of the stuff guards confirmed, I was lucky one, because they had a little space left, and were underweighted, so they could throw me into. Next to the crates, barrels of something smelly, spare parts and used ammo. Ok, I’m kidding. I was flying in the guard crew section, not with cargo, but the part of smell is true. And also I know now then, why they checked weight of my luggage so carefully and mine personally before they allowed me aboard. I think my personal weight was especially matter of importance – they kept me on the cargo scale and stares at me definitely longer they need to see these few numbers on the display. And according to height of this display I’m sure it wasn’t where my breast, ass or knee were. I think I should get used to attraction of such kind of attention for a while. While I’m anew there. No matter of regulations, they will always be the same.

While I have been displaced, my future hubby was preparing our little “before-we-marry snug-corner”. As a fiancée I have no full privileges of officer’s wife, but I wasn’t also completely civvy one. They were so nice that they drove me almost at the doors. By the jeep – or whatever they call this machine. I’m not completely sure because I have to fit myself in-between few crates of something engraved “explosive” or “danger!”. And I tried move not so much. Not the best position to take good views.

c1_welcome But, well.. Nothing exploded. And Josh was waiting for me. And because of his rank, boys whose drove me there were completely silent this time and “yessired” completely too. No more stupid jokes. There are some benefits in being officer’s soon-to-be-wife, right?

Battalion’s command gave us one of these military “family ready” homes at the base. While Josh, as a second Lieutenant wasn’t obligated to live in barracks, he also had no permission to live out of the base as senior officers does. Shame but no drama. That was one of this ordinary military homes you’ll see everywhere when army stays long enough to accommodate personnel. And if you don’t mind its candy-like painted interior – it was also nice.

c1_homeI’ve been given a couple of days to feel comfortable at home. A whole week in fact. To check the civilian area in the base, the town, to meet other “army wifes”, and so on. This part with “wifes” sounds a little obligating, like kind of “my soon-to-be-wife” responsibility, or something like that, but well – it cannot be totally bad. Well, there was another part also. Captain Nix wanted to see me – she is Josh direct superior officer. And I must “present myself” before base commander. Oh my Sim… I feel like before principal’s scheduled sermon. But this supposed to be at nearest Saturday. Not today!

Also, while they still are doing some very importand-and-necessary paperwork, my job in local school was temporary suspended for a couple of days. Basically I have free days off until they sign everything, put stamp where is needed and all this matters of military beaurocratic importance. This is The Army. You cannot even breath without valid procedure. And don’t even try thinking ’bout pissing without orders!

I get used to this, I’m sure. That may be mad for a while, but I will do.

Josh has not be given any additional free day (as they think he don’t need an accommodation anymore), but as he said – they kept him this Sunday “out of alert state”. So when someone would get a brilliant idea of alarming the whole base “because of zombie attack!” or other “alert state”, this day he was free. Better than nothing. That could not be wasted in any case.

So when I unpacked my stuff we started to accommodate a bit…

c1_welcome3And then, we accommodate a little once again.

And again.

c1_welcome2Well… that was long five hours fly. Not mentioning four weeks before, when he was stationed there alone awaiting to command authorisation for my arrival. Not mentioning my waiting in Bridgeport…

And well, what can I say… I’m there!

And the views are amazing, too.

c1_panorame2Not so bad for a military shithole nobody-knows-where, right?

I almost cannot wait for a wandering among these hills and forests. Seeing the sea and the rocks, and some beaching, too. The Ocean looks great from there. And there’s almost no sharks close to the beachline, according to this sergeant who welcomed me there. Surfing and swimming is safe like anywhere else.

I know… it’s childish. Ok I’m childish. Happily childish, it can be for me. I’ve been waiting for something like this my whole life. I feel like princess, and even if there is some dishes to clean or boring meetings… I will make it!

Oh… I think my soldier’s soldier woke up again… And needs some drill, I’m absolutely sure about it.

c1_welcome4Let’s make some working out then.


5 responses to “1.1. Army fiancée

  1. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your game with the whole deletion thing, but at least you managed to make a good start on this one! And at least it didn’t happen when you were a couple of generations in, so, silver lining?

    glances up at the rolls Second chance? Military? 😦 Oh no. The rolls are cruel sometimes, aren’t they?


    • it may be worse 😉 (5 children, full house, no rabbithole career, go figure). There’s obvious “twist” (if twist is obvious it is still a “twist”?) because of rolls but – who knows? Let’s get her familiarize with this small friendly community, full of dirties, where everybody knows everybody and all this good stuff.


  2. Josh is quite handsome! I like where you are going with this story, I’ve never read a Sims military one before. So this is very unique 🙂 Carrie mentioned you were having issues with the game? Will it be continued still?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Josh is an effect of random genetics shuffling, slightly corrected, but mostly generated by game itself. But thanks on his behalf! He would be very happy reading something like that :D.
      Most of my characters are “farmed” (ouh, what’s a word!) that way. Problems which I made myself (except some bad sectors on HDD) are gone now, I hope – for a while.
      Thank you for a comment and reading.

      Liked by 1 person

      • No problem! I really like your story. and lucky you with all those genetic fellers! Hehe I wish my townies weren’t all copies of themselves 😉 I am glad the computer is doing better 🙂


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