1.2. Inspections

I know how the trumpets of Armageddon sounds. At last one kind of them.

That was another of these gifted me by the command’s generosity lazy mornings after our busy night, and busy very early morning. When Josh finally found his way to work, what I did not make easy for him speaking about honestly (see I’m admitting I’m that bad girl) I fell asleep.

1.2.1 I could, he couldn’t. Very sweet difference while it lasts.


And rather rude knocking on the door woke me up. I won’t be lying. I was pissed off a bit.


I was jogging while I still can and I thought I check you out by the way  She said staring with something on the face what I’d certainly recognize as kind of smile, if I wouldn’t be so blindly sleepy.


“Good but I don’t need any new magazines” I tried to get rid off her “And I don’t need any new pots, sorry”

Even if I hate bagmas I understand theirs fucking position – I did enough miles on my own feet carrying some shit from door to door to understand and not to being surly more than necessary. But I was also sleepy. Badly.


“Sure thing” She nods and in rather decisive and definitely rude way came almost through me into the home.

The somewhat flatulent belly of her, was kind of additional argument.


And that was the moment when I have had certain look of being a natural imbecile, I think. And the Armageddon trumpet rang out.


“CF-12” She walked deeper into my home talking loudly to overcome the noise “Boys calls it a cow, and this is that decent and honest name.” She stopped in the middle of the room “And this is 0730, exactly. Tuesdays you don’t need an alarm clock, she will wake you up.”

She make a sign to me (me!) to enter the home (my home!). Where I left my machine gun?

“Come on. You don’t want to stay almost naked there when boys shall start the second round of theirs DP? They can be disruptive.”

I entered. Whan could I do? At last, on my own territory, my defence abilities should be better against unwanted invaders. There were good, fixed position, trenches around the couch, bunkers next to the toilet, strategic points of defense.

That was something I probably would think if I’d thought at this moment, at all.

She looks at early thirty or somewhat about. Not so long dark-red hairs she pinned tight, like policewoman, soldiers, nurses or maids does.


“Ann Nix” She finally introduce herself when I took an advantage of invitation to my own home “I’m your future husband’s captain. And don’t be mad, please” She rest a bit on the couch support and I understood I already lost one of my defense lines “Being rude is a part of being captain and being in the five moth of pregnancy, too, I think. That jogging idea wasn’t the best one.” She nods and smile a bit again.


My expression of natural idiocy must became even more intensive. According to her rather concerned gaze on me. And I felt clearly an empty space in my belly which one loudly demanded to be filled right now.

“Anyway. I though, I should inspect how you going”

She said: INSPECT!


Mess in the bed, bedroom’s floor covered with my and Josh rather private parts of clothing and rather a bit used what was easy to see, dirty toilet, more mess on my desk where I put all these things which I need at hand, not mentioning a pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen’s sink! Holy shit! There’s something extremely rude of being unwanted and unexpected guest. Especially at morning. When your host is already not yet showered fiancée of young man using her given free time to abuse hers future husband possibilities and all uh… And this is directly disaster if it’s your guy’s actual superior. I mean. I hate this!

And she dare to inspect me!


That’s unacceptable, your bunk is in shitting condition! And this is outrageous, that pants covered with males’ secretions on the public view! What your mother would say about this, girl! And what would say a president!? You think, he’d say “She did not draw this?” This is no joke – that’s a national security matter!”


And what do you think? If you think you stupid cow at all!? What do you think about these fungus plantation in your kitchen sink! That’s absolutely impossible to bear! You represents the whole Army! Lemmie show you how we treat such useless wife-candidates!


“Fox? You seems to be distracted. Are you feel good?” Her addressing to me had to finally woke me up.

“Yes, Not. I mean… yes, of course, I’m fine. Sir. Ma’am. Right” Maybe I woke up not at all.

I needed a coffee. I needed a pee. And a breakfast. And break of her for a while. Just stick with a proper order girl!.

“I’m … I dress up, Ms. Nix” – I finally put some words in kind of sentence close to a human language.

“Sure. Good idea” She nodded.


I’ve run to the safety of bathroom.

So shame. I almost burst into tears before mirror there. I occupied my toiled bunker, last line of defense against aliens, just when I cleaned it to the state where any another brush-off simply would break the crockery. I felt stupid. Hopeless. And ashamed so much. And I was a bit afraid too, because I’ve read that kind of silly morning reactions are sometimes substitution of morning sickness, and while it couldn’t rather be an another PMS….


I watched impatiently on the tester. Whatever precaution, you can never be absolutely sure.

Not this time.

Seems I’m just ordinary idiot, not a pregnant one.

It takes a while before I felt self-confident enough to leave safety of my bathroom fortress.

She smiled – that was unfair, she shouldn’t act like a nice person when she just invaded my house putting me in such position – and nods at me again.


“I see you’re already preparing to yours teaching duties” She addressed me with another nod, I started wondering if it was some kind of reflex, maybe old wound at the neck, or hormonal influence with this all nodding “Admirable. When I was allowed to bring my husband there, we did not come out of the bed for whole week”.

“You wanna a coffee?” I tried to reclaim an initiative, a kitchen sink still seems to be my weak spot but I though I’d be able to outflank her with my better knowledge of the territory.

“Gladly” She nodded again.

“Sit down please, I’m terrible host allowing you to stay so long” I tried to use my advantages, a courage risen from a clean toiled. And negative pregnancy test result.


“Thank you” my future husband’s superior finally found hers way to safe place on the couch where I felt I’d be able to control her dangerous moves. But she choose that couch on which we yesterday evening…


Shit I felt, if I did not stop my mad brain running that way I certainly would be in great need of psychiatric evaluation. Soon.

I made a coffee.


“So, how you doing Fox?” She asked again. “I know, for the civilians, especially at theirs beginnings there, the base and the rules may be strange and oppressive even.”


“I’m doing well Ms. Nix” With few drops of caffeine my natural IQ increased slightly “What kind of oppression have you in mind?”

“Like weekly reports, base restrictions, evaluations and examinations, all these things” She smiled again “It’s in fact nothing worse than common boarding school, but bothersome for adults used to be not controlled such way”.

“Afterall we’re not arrested, or something like that, and this is not a scouts closed camp, right?” I tried to be witty

“Sometimes is, this is level two base afterall” She sat deeper trying to comfort her belly “But it’s not constant of course. We live there normally most of the times, don’t worry about this”.

We chatted a bit more and I slowly gain a higher ground reclaiming my own home.

“It’s time for me, I used enough of your generosity Fox” She rose from the couch after a half of hour or a bit more maybe.

“That wasn’t problem Ms Nix” I smiled escorting her to the doors.


“Girls told me they scheduled your meeting for tomorrow, that’s right?” She stopped at the doors and turned to me.


“Officers’ wifes” She clarified.

“Mmmm Yes. I think I got an invitation.”


“Be careful, they’re cougars” She laughed and moved out “And one thing also, get rid off this TV, it’s not a TV, it’s a bomb. Quartermaster drops off these antiques to the newcomer’s homes instead a museum. A bad idea.”

“Oh, yes, I surely do”

And finally she left.


I hate to be surprised, especially in that way. It takes me a while before I made home proper again. Just in cause of another random inspection. And before I finished it was after noon. I thought I deserve some nice distraction.


I changed and started to jog, towards these hills and forests which I saw when I arrived there. It took me longer than I thought, ’cause a town revealed itself a bit bigger than it seemed to be. Before I reached outskirts I was already well warmed.


But it was worth it. Definitely. I suspect there would be a great views. But these were outstanding.


Anyway – amazing for someone like me, who almost never left the city.

On the way back, I’ve run into some flowers and took them home.

1.2.6But a little green friend which one I met also I thought it better stay there where I found him. Well, maybe she.

1.2.AWas it girl or not, I thought it wouldn’t be the best idea keeping a snake in home. Would they accuse me of attempting an assassination of the general? Or breaking some regulations stated clearly on the some “form FX980/attachment D5 paragraph five, point 3” which one, as dozens of others, I signed not even reading before I was allowed to fly there?

I hope I did not pledge myself for something stupid or unpleasant.

Anyway pissing snake (did they actually pee?) that might be a real military hazard. Not mentioning a turtle. An ocasion for many disasters. Turtle certainly couldn’t be allowed or even if, only these big ones – in certain general’s sizes, which obviously outranks my men. But, maybe a cow? Does they allow a cow in the base? You know: fresh milk, fresh shit…

I thought in some moment of mental brightness that something bad must going within my brain lately…

Or just I miss Mr Jones too much… I felt bad for leaving him in the city when I left for Josh. They didn’t allow bring me him there. Not before “procedures shall be completed”.

Maybe they finally would allow me to displace him there. I’ve jog to home.


I arrived a bit late – just to see Josh on the couch. Sleeping. Poor one. He had to be deadly tired.


Silently, trying not to wake him up I managed to push this damned, crappy, ancient TV out of the doors. Fortunately it has little wheels on the bottom. It screamed like tortured little TV-show puppets or something like that but he was so tired he even did not raise a brow.

She had right. This machine even looks like something dangerous and unstable, like piece of something explosive or missing part of a tank hit by the laser beam or derelict alien spaceship. Whatever.


It has a crappy display anyway, always shows more noise than actual show.

I got a shower but a water must wake up Josh this time.

“Honey, where’s a TV”? He said rubbing his eyes.

1.2.Y“Don’t you think it’s a bit insulting, if you ask me about some TV when I’m standing before you in such attire?” I frowned

1.2.X“Well. If you put this that way…” He laughed a bit rising from a couch.

He closed to me.

“So, how your housewife day?I hope you caught some fun before they shall tie you to the blackboard and these offsprings produced by bad, primitive and troglodyte soldiers”

1.2.Z1“Quite nice” I answered “Your commander inspected a house, gave me a drill and ordered to remove the TV. She said its bad for national security”

“I understand” He nodded. I thought it’s really a kind of military behavior. Stating obvious with nods. Like repeating “this is true” or “right” after trivia sentence.

“How much damage was done? Any casualties? You know, Nix is a strong woman and pain in the ass when she had a bad humor” He asked looking into my eyes.

“I survived” I nodded. “But tomorrow I’m – I quote – scheduled to meet with other wifes

“Duh, that honey will be a battle worth a poem” He laughed.


“I’m sure. Because your captain did not arrest our refrigerator, want you something to eat? ‘Till I’m housewife. Next week you’ll be on your own, baby”

“That would be nice” He smiled.

And after this whole sunny day, a rain has started.

comment: this particular event was somewhat planned however sims knows better and captain Nix arrived when she wanted, not when I wanted her to arrive. Benefits of Nraas Progression. And I’m still learning how to control sims – it’s quite different from Sims2, where I used to rely on theirs standard behaviors not so much on static scenery and poses. Also I’m not sure about some phrases or “military dialects” but, anyway it’s the Sims Army existing without a reason other than particular sim career options 😉


6 responses to “1.2. Inspections

  1. Yikes, future husband’s boss coming to visit when you’re half naked? Poor Nathalie. (did I spell that right? I’m curious on the pronunciation. Is it like Natalie but with a soft t?)

    At least she managed the inspection. and hopefully she’ll be accepted between all the other officer wives and girlfriends.


    • Such things happens 😉
      Her name is misspelling effect of mine 😀 I often reuse names from old characters (from other games too) for new ones or for nicknames (Like my MTS login: ElaineNualla, my old char from Baldur’s Gate, ancient times indeed) as many other players does. But I knew a girl once who’s name was Appril (!!!!) so it’s not so unreal.
      I think the ‘h’ should be treated as “silent h’, but your version is also nice and somewhat fits her.

      In such closed, partially isolated societes always strange things happens, we shall see how she will “blend into”.


    • funny part is – Nix is Josh (Nathalie’s fiancee) actual superior, what makes her husband one of the “army wifes”. Technically speaking 😉


  2. Oh my! She just walked inside the door?! The part where she almost called her Sir but then Ma’am really cracked me up 😉 It’s quite a new life style for her. I wonder what might happen in the future 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • hehe, it’s a small community in small town on small island – not so much room for a “city kind” of privacy. Nat is very young (she is between 19 and 20 I think – so she’s barely adult in fact, Josh is about 5-6 years elder) and has serious problem with very independent imagination of her. Well, she’s Shy not without a reason. And this particular reason is somewhat (partially) revealed in the next chapter.
      Thanks for comment and reading.

      Liked by 1 person

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