A bit in the middle

While working on next chapter I’ve run into some in-game obstacles. Good time to share some minor details.

Few opening episodes are in fact compressed in time – Nathalie arrived and 1st, 2nd and probably next two (we shall see) chapters takes place within one real-time week (not game time!). So – there’s not so much actual playing at this point. I simple shuffle three saves from 1st and 2nd game-time day. Taking shots, making sceneries and so on. Probably 4th will be “real play”, or maybe 5th? I don’t know. There’s plenty to do for her in this one week.

I also realised I would need another sceneries (from Bridgeport for example) and I’m preparing them, which is partially done. That required cleaning city map from sims, building scenery shells, creating another sims (most are just edited “natives”). And as I love Matkoosee as a world – it really need editing. Well, I have to deal with what I have got at hand, at this point.

Another topic are outfits. Since Sims2 (I’ve never played 1st Sims) there is “the reign of terrible fashion”. I know, these wonderful ’90s from last century… Mad times when we smoked but not to draw, worn monstrous clothes, even more horrible than ’70s fashion so splendidly mocked by ABBA or Boney M shows, and so on 😉 However Sims 2 community have had (and still have) a great creators and there is relatively easy to overcome most of EA imaginations and franchise-wise decisions, not mentioning simple bad taste. In the Sims 3 .. well that’s another story. Introduction of SimsStory had a significant impact for the custom content. And also Sims 3 community seems to be significant smaller – at last – in variability.

So – I very fast bumped into this “fashion problem”. Finding contemporary, reasonable clothes for a teen school girl, which is not looking like an effect of someone’s rather unhealthy sexual fantasy is pain in the ass. Recent (well – last 25 years are recent for me, call me grandpa ;p ) Manga influence, with its own very specific aesthetics made things ever worse. You know if any institution demanded my kids (gender regardless) to wear such things I’d definitely call the police >.>.

Well. It takes a while before I’d be able to collect and fit reasonable clothes. And finally Nathalie “class” has been born.


I also created a school – which is mostly a shell except a few areas:

  1. gym


(girls wears there one of the “puma-cheerleader” outfits ’cause I haven’t got any “gymnastic” outfit with sense)

  1. classroom

classroom2 classroom1

(there’s also one of theirs teachers: Ms.Duckworth)

  1. library


  1. “academy”/lecture room


  1. private students’ room


And I’ve put girls into run (I know it’s not very wise to set up a football goal next to the windows, but there’s not so much space) to test routing and so on.

courtyard2 courtyard1

A “school” (it’s kind of “private young ladies pension”) is placed where one of the Bridgeport’s park was.


Which give an occasion for decent panoramas, what was a purpose, of course.

panorama2 panorama1

And last but not least: “the old wich” (as the students of this facility used to say) or in proper way: Ms. Maxwell, who’s running this whole circus.

maxwellHope – this not spoil the fun from further reading. While it’s only a short episode in Nathalie’s life it shows within story outline important from where all this effort raised.

There are a few other shells I have to make – a hospital, lab, offices and elementary school in Matkoosee, another school in Bridgeport, a Bridgeport’s flat where Nathalie lived before…

But that – later 😉

To the next reading then.

Most of items are from Around The Sims also from jenninsims who salvaged content from many actually dead sites.


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