St. Patience 1st. Primary School (In Somewhere)


building is already avaible for download on MTS there. Downloadable version differs slightly but these differences have no impact for functionality. There’s also fully functional and decorated version of this building working actually in my game. You can look quickly on this there.

Also – functional school rabbithole prototype. Some particular post on MTS encouraged me to actually make some effort on the matter I already do anyway. Idea of functional rabbitholes is not new and while there are some, and some very interesting, like this one from TSR for example, they’re also as pretty as deadly for my rather outdated machine. And while I’ve never found something fitting… well “do it yourself buddy”. Primary idea is very, very basic: fully functional buildings working also as rabbitholes (with rugs or doors) but: – no bigger than actual rabbithole building; – easy to blend in most neighbourhoods; – minimal requirements both in-game resources and CC; – simple in design, easy to use for weak machine/easy to adjust for personal taste or scheme This one requires a little work but probably shall be finished soon.

St. Patience 1st. Primary School

lot size: 35×20 (almost the same like standard basegame school rabbithole building)



1st. floor

1st. floor: 1. restrooms 2. gym 3. storage (or maybe punishment room ??? ) 4. boys changeroom and bath 5. girls changeroom and bath 6. internal lobby 7. main lobby (rabbithole rug place) 8. caretaker room/checkroom 9. personnel restrooms A. office/secretariat B. patron/boss room C. teachers’ room D. main entry E. back door (into internal courtyard e.g.) F. back gym door (into court/playfield)

2nd. floor

2nd. floor 1. restarea/meal area (there’s no regular kitchen); 2. main upper hall (if you think it’s too big, you’ve never seen kids in action, actually I think it’s too small); 3. class A (12 students capacity, decor for literature or other humanities); 4. class B (8 students capacity, decor for math/biology/chemistry); 5. students restrooms; 6. library/computers’ class;

And some “in action” shots from actual tests:


Gym interior

Gym is mostly empty, some people have paid content (like this ballet bar), some not – there’s enough place to clutter this room over the roof.


gym changing room (boys)


upper rest area

I wanted to save as many space as possible for anyone to design place for its own taste, there may be placed a juice bar (this is a school remember? juice I said), soda machines, anything bad food already present in schools. I resigned from building a kitchen and normal dinning area (it has to be placed in basements) – but there’s enough place on 1st. floor to make some stairs down and build it anyway.


library/computers’ room

capacity: 6 students’ + 1 teacher (2 on couch)


humanities class

seems – that particular lesson about Simspear isn’t very exciting…


teachers’ room

some preparation before math/physics lesson shall start, em… maybe chemistry? Let’s blow something ma’am!


boss torture chamber

this woman makes me nervous…



Say “Hello” to Nathalie, it’s her first day at the work! Hm… PC is hacked?

Except obvious theme cc (like blackboard, benches and so on) mostly from jenisims and ATS I kept building clean and it should be basegame friendly. Used CC list is inconclusive at this point (I need to check carefully again – you know, this “decor” tab is so tempting….) When finished – shall be uploaded on MTS. I’ll update the post.


5 responses to “St. Patience 1st. Primary School (In Somewhere)

    • hope it will be useful also; I tried to make this as simple as possible; for my own use I can always complicate, and such complicated version I can put to download also, but as a generic building it should be definitely simple. I really hate when I hit a great home or community building which is great… except it needs complete rebuild, complete redesign, and so on.

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  1. it’s already in MTS evaluation queeve. Even if it will show as unworthy, probably I upload this (and other basic shells too) somewhere, anyway.
    Again – thanks for nice support 🙂


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