Back on the saddle, ’till horse get mad again

paper-pile-up-300x202I’ve been forced to deal with awful documentation for a whole month, well more than month actually. And while it’s not the end, I have some break for a few next days (maybe weeks..?) before another truck shall come and will bury me under the papers again.

Why people are producing so many, so useless papers, so often…? Sometimes I dream of being Nero – no matter it’s just a story not a real history – just putting the fire under this and watching how all this nonsense is burning to the ashes…uh! And the people wonders why some guy some pretty day goes mad and instead another lunching starts “yet another office massacre”.

And the “funny thing” is – I’m not an “office worker” in fact. This is just the way how my superiors make themselves sure “our employees shall work better”… Gods…

But, on the brighter side – it means I could be able to finally make some update, not only random posting on MTS. So – see You all soon 😉


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