I’ve had a few attempts to Random Legacy. None of them succeed, mostly because of my impatience, laziness or other similar virtues.

And this is why this blog has been started.

Let’s begin from some boring details.

English is not my first language. Feel free to give any useful suggestion about grammar, spelling or so. Writting here about drama, comedy, nonsense and horror (not speaking about true disasters yet) which shall probably meet Glitch Family on their way do greatness (or to Hell) is also a way to improve my English proficiency. If there’s any hope for me in this matter, of course.

For sake of any possible disaster possibly offending someone somewhere, I’ve flagged this blog as “Adult only”. You’ve been warned. Expect open nonsense, bad humor, spelling mistakes, terrible ideas and of course all this things about even completely adults don’t dare to speak loudly. Cookies! And maybe puppies even, however I’m not so sure if I shall go so far.

There some posts seen in popular view as “offending” might be posted. Like nudity, open sexual scenes, (“close sexual” also possible), overeating chocolate, moronic babbling between characters. Not mentioning other things which possibly may seriously damage your brain, break your computer, eat your IPhone and so on.

And I even didn’t mention my very specific sense of humor, yet…

So keep your hamster, young children, and immature animals away.

Glitch random legacy: rules, roles and overdoses…

It’s basically an almost “classic” Random legacy (see: http://randomlegacychallenge.blogspot.com/) which some adjustment, mostly for Nraas (http://nraas.wikispaces.com/) mods and improvements sake. My careers’ rolls includes these from additional cc career’ types from NraasCareer module. I also keep Master Controller, Debugger, Overwatch… well, almost all of these great things running constantly. I cannot imagine or even run a game without them. And also I always edit townies. Sometimes I found myself not playing, but just hunting them and making these poor pixel creatures a little less terrible in design.

I also used to treat rather loosely some of the rules of Random Legacy (and this is why I call this “Almost” Random Legacy), because the story and the fun are going first. So – if some specific roll will ruin a fabula I’ll reroll. Or shall pick up something fitting in particular especially if particular roll has no sense in the world I play (e.g. scubadiver career in the world without dive sites). I also reroll in some instances because I found them simple boring.

The story going first which is an actual theme for the challenge as I understand it. But there is still kind of challenge spirit, even if it seems to be a “less challenging” than before. 


I use a tons of cc. And I try to keep track of them, however it’s not always possible to remember exactly from where, from who and when exactly I acquired some specific object, like wardrobe or script or pose. I’d try to note in each chapter proper credits, links and thanks, but – which I have to admit shamefully – it won’t be always possible. But if you’ll recognize something which I not – please left me a message. All these people who give us their work and dedication just for free because they found fun in it, deserves at last credits and thanks. I already made a page where I’ll list any CC I shall use and recognize there

And also – this blog is obviously in “under construction” state at this point. Expect change of theme, colours, fonts… whatever.


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