Custom Content Credits

(last updated: 2015.02.25)

There is a list of CC used in my game. At last all of them which I’m able to recognize by myself at this point. I have installed them a lot and partially in sims3pack format (which is relatively easy to recognize) and partially in packed and compressed package format for game optimalisation but also this make them almost unrecognizable ingame 😦 and I’m one of these stupid players who don’t keep downloaded package sources, silly me.

If you find something not mentioned in this secion on my pictures – left me a information, please. This section shall be updated whenever needed.

Modules and scripts:

Nraas suite (almost whole, no sense to differentiate):

Buzzler MOAR Intearctions:

Cherry92 Toddler Interactions:

cmomoney Cigarette/Smoking Mod:

CmarNYC XCAS core mod:

CAS thingies:

Jonha CAS sliders:

Jasumi Forehead Crease Slider (YAM):

Jasumi Lip Fatness Sliders:

GnatGoSplat Chin Width Slider:

Hairs (many) by Skysims:

– by NewSea:

jewelery and misc things by Severinka:

and by: MissDaydreams:

Clothes (creator’s list):

(in no particular order – direct links for creator’s pages) (also accesories)

Furniture and objects:

Worlds and lots:

Eltham’s Drift by neuroticrobotic – Prelude world – 

Pinewood Academy by TeaWitch – university custom world – 

Brooklyn Heights by MySimReality – actual world however I’ve changed it seriously both ingame and CAS and I’m still changing >.>


Poses (in no particular order):

Tinuleaf Tinu pose-packs (1-4): (link to member page)

spladoum Bossy poses:

spladoum shorty – an adult/teen pose set:

spladoum I wanna hold your hand poses:

spladoum Smoochies redus poses:

spladoum The morning after:

spladoum Bully – 9 fight poses:

spladoum The worst date poses:

spladoum The best date poses:

spladoum A bad night:

spladoum Smoochies poses:

spladoum Hol Me poses:

spladoum Pillow Talk pose set:

traelia Elegant pose pack:

traelia Model pose pack:

traelia Elegant redux pose set:

traelia Sleeping pose pack:

k2m1too Have a seat – seated poses:

k2m1too Step up – poses for stairs:

k2m1too Low Down – modeling poses:

cottoncandy1 Sad pose pack:

mashelle Modelling pose pack:

vertigo I don’t wanna poses:

vertigo Good times poses:

hepis Summer pose pack:

Eternila Sugarly Sweet Sit poses:

buitefr1 Sleeping Beauties:

Yu_Ba0o’ Wake up poses:

jamee Labor poses:

alistair My Name Is Daniel 2 pose pack:

chasmchronicle Trunk of Poses:

chasmchronicle Depression poses:,

meaganstermo I’m Not Simple Modelling Pose Pack:


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