Fox-Lambert (A)RL Characters

Generation One

NathalieNathalie Fox

role: main character
sign: Virgo
actual age: young adult (about 20 at the start of the story)
partner: Josh Lambert (fiancée)
traits: Shy, Bookworm, Animal Lover, Nurturing, Light Sleeper
occupation: Matkoosee Primary School Assistant (pending)
education: Bridgeport High School, Military Teacher Preparation Course, graded with B

Actual army fiancée, engaged with promising young officer Josh Lambert who also was her first teen love. Nathalie never believed she will be able to get Josh attention, and during his highschool years she never been even noted by him. Well, that was her observation. Depressing one. She was more than surprised when Josh came just before her prom where she supposed to be alone, and ask her for company. After few dances he revealed how impatiently he was waiting ’till she comes to age, and before prom ended they were almost engaged. That did not take them long to made this official. When Josh was ordered to position in Matkoosee Base, she – as his future wife – without hesitation went after him, just when Josh has been given permission to this. And the happy tale has started…

JoshJosh Lambert

role: secondary character
sign: Sagittarius
actual age: young adult (about 26 at the start of the story)
partner: Nathalie Fox (fiancée)
traits: Brave, Workaholic, Disciplined, Athletic, Ambitious
occupation: Matkoosee Base, 2nd Lieutenant
education: Bridgeport High School, Military Academy First Course (graded with colours), Military Academy (summa cum laude)

Josh always was the promising one. And used to keep this his whole life. While his actual occupation is “top-secret ever” and not much is really known about his professional whereabouts, he is certainly deeply devoted to his future bride.

Because of rolls in this generation Josh future is definitely uncertain. ‘Till this matter will be settled, legacy has double name.


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