Generation 1 – Characters

ClaireClaire Mary Glitch
traits: Brooding, Unlucky, Bookworm, Handy, Perceptive
occupation: Private Detective
role: primary character
education: Technology Bac (one semester), graded with B
partner or spouse: none
actual age: young adult

Eldest “by the one minute and 23 seconds” of the three Glitch sisters.
Careful, reflective, maybe a bit depressed constantly with “existential attitude” and sarcastic (but not violent) sense of humor. Feels herself as “only normal person there” which is a little problematic in fact. With her tendency for constant brooding, searching of meaning things without meaning, and also meaning sense of meaning at all, she found herself, and not very happy with that, as an unexpected mother of Mathias. “accident” which happened by “hardware malfunction” during her short, not very wise affair with her academic teacher, attempted at the end of the last semester.
With her love for literature and “the sense of the sense question” nature, and a quite good awareness of the human common nature, weakness and virtues, she is kind of undiscovered writer, or even a poet maybe. Just a detective at last, because of inability to find any decent job available for young mother. But there’s probably nothing “just” in the life for her.

RitaRita Margaret Glitch
traits: Rebellious (from Jocks influence), Good Sense of Humor, Neurotic, Avant Garde, Commitment Issues, Artistic
occupation: Free Artist (Painter)
role: secondary character
education: Arts Bac (one semester), graded with A
partner or spouse: none,
actual age: young adult

Artsy and outgoing, always in the center of everything Rita sees the world as a great occasion for experiencing everything except these thing which she feels revolting. Her constant activity with any conspiracy-searching group, especially if they have some attitude to vandalizing surroundings a bit (which she call: “an active street art”) should throw her into big troubles many years ago. But her winning smile, innocent and childish view with connection of a great sexapile always let her escape from troubles. At last – until now. Her psyche is more complicated than she allows herself to show, but not much people knows her “serious side”. Except maybe those whom she beat with baseball bat once, but that’s another story…

HelenHelen Barbara Glitch
traits:Workaholic, No Sense of Humor, Neat, Perfectionists, Ambitious
occupation: Science
role: secondary character
education: Science Bac (one semester), graded with A+
partner or spouse: none,
actual age: young adult

Youngest of them, with her five minutes “lateness” at birth, used to be seen as a bit slow, steady, serious young lady interested only in things “that matters”. Never did anything unexpected (if we forget this little accident in school laboratory which disabled half of the town energy grid for two weeks, or compromising Mayor’s affairs in public web…, or… other minor details), always on time, at the best with everything which not involves some social skills. She likes what she likes and nothing else, she do what she do and she always is the best. Until there are humans involved.
Helen feels herself deeply connected to other two sisters, despise all of theirs differences. She used to picture herself as “foster parent” for the other sisters (especially Rita), which she emphasised as one only able to find “a decent job”, but maybe her constant inability to part with them is just a inability to live alone and by herself.


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