Rules “Overrides”

Notes for information, also for me and my great memory.

Lifetime settings:

pregnancy: standard (3d)
baby: 3d
toddler: 6d
child: 12d
teen: 16d
young adult: 32
adult: 30
elder: 6

I used to play with very distinct rules from game to game. Even tried once playing with “coherent time flow”: one game day as a real-time month. However my laziness has won me, also such game timing needs a lot of adjustment, from basics (like pregnancy time) to a bit more complicated (tuning of wages/advances in careers and so on). Such settings are quite “unrealistic” (tell me about realism in sims please 😉 ) but allows parents to see their children growing up and adult.

I treat teens a little different from it used to be. At first: my sims becomes teens when they come about 15 and not earlier. Why? Because younger kids are not allowed to highschool and game places them there by default. Also specific teen activities simple does not fit younger ages well, anyway: it does not fit my gameplay. These 16 days for relatively short “real time life” (only 4-5 years) reflects actual character’s development. In fact “teen” stage of life in reality is considered often as one of the mentally “longest”.

Also my young adults becomes adults not about 30 (as it used to be in most games) but about 36. Technically speaking “young adult” life-stage is usually placed between base adulthood described by law (in many countries it’s about 18) and “full adulthood” understanded as social and financial autonomy, often tied also with family topic and ability to sustain it. The reason is mostly aesthetical (adult sims are…well “strange”). Short lifestage of elders is based on the same reason.
Generation’s progress & inheritance:

generation heir: always firstborn no matter of gender

money inheritance: equal division between children or fabula advised if necessary (some black sheep in the pack?)

lot inheritance: story and roll driven

Changes for careers:

(I use old-fashioned real dices, not “internetized” ones)
1-10 roll from standard (reroll if not applicable like scuba diver or something definitely stupid, Magician? no way >.> )

also if “Army” rolled:

1d6 roll: 1-2 EA version, 3-4 Custom Army Enlisted, 5-6 Custom Army Officer
10-20 roll custom career:

1 Astronomy
2 Banking
3 Car Dealer
4 Comic Artists
5 Estate Agent
6 Law
7 Veterinary
8 Preacher
9 Psychologist
10 Show Biznes
11 Army Enlisted
12 Army Officer
13 Pharmacists
14 Modelling
15 Socialite
16-20 placeholder for additional careers: reroll


no thank you, none allowed, immediately evaporized from the world except spirits or other entities required by some careers. If I want a supernatural story I simple shall make one.


story and by character wishes driven (boarding school or so);

“educated” careers (regular, custom, and self-employed) demands at last one university “semester” passed at last C+ grade (no – you cannot become “World renowned surgeon” because you just want);

these are:

Education, Science, Video Game Designer, Astronomy, Architect, Medical, Law, Banking, Veterinary, Psychologist, Army Officer;

each “semester” costs 10000 in debt as additional tuition fee (tuition paid front is not subtracted from this bill) which must be repaid from actual generation money, obviously it’s a cost for one student;

students with grade B+ gets 25% debt reduction after finishing both courses;

students graded summa cum laude (A) are given additional 25% reduction (50% in total which halves their education costs)

debt must be paid before student’s death, otherwise is inherited by his/her heir if applicable (if this heir is actual heir for the legacy). For non-heirs this rule has no meaning unless other educated or their heirs lives in the same home as actual heir.
Yes. Education is costly. These costs may be increased or lowered by story (stipend or so).